Income Tax Checklist

2017 Income Tax Checklist

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Employment Income  
[__] Regular earnings (All T4’s or pay stubs)
[__] Odd jobs, tips (Details or pay stubs)
[__] Director’s fees (T4’s or details)
[__] Profit sharing income (T4PS)
[__] Any other employment benefits (Full details)
Pension, Retirement, Annuity Income
[__] Old Age Security (T4A (OAS))
[__] Canada Pension (T4A(P))
[__] Foreign (Foreign slips)
[__] Employment (T4A)
[__] Registered Retirement Income Fund (T4RIF)
[__] Withdrawal from a R.R.S.P. (T4RSP, statements)
[__] Annuity Payments (Information slips)
Investment Income
[__] Interest (T5)
[__] Term deposits or G.I.C.’s (T5)
[__] Mutual fund investment income (T3)
[__] Dividends-Canadian corporation (T5)
[__] Interest-Canada Savings Bonds (T5, T600 or T600C)
[__] Interest-joint account with spouse (Details)
[__] Interest-mortgage or other loans (Details)
[__] Foreign interest of dividends (Foreign slips)
[__] Interest-Treasury bills (Details of transactions)
[__] Royalty or other investment income (Details)
[__] Partnership income (T5013)
Income from Self Employment
[__] General (All income and expenses)
[__] Assets purchased-sold during year (Details)
[__] Any partners (Names and shares)
[__] Salary paid spouse (Full amount paid)
[__] Inventory (Value of opening and closing)
[__] Accounts receivable, payable (Lists of each)
Sale/Exchange OF Investments
[__] Stocks, bonds, trust units (Broker statements)
[__] Real estate and other properties (Sale documents)
Rental Income
[__] General (Income and expenses)
[__] New properties (Sale agreement)
[__] Rental of part of residence (Details)
[__] Change of use of rental property (Details)
[__] Sale of rental property (Sale documents)
Other Income
[__] Employment Insurance Benefits (T4E)
[__] WCB benefits (T4, T5007)
[__] Social assistance payments (T5008)
[__] Alimony or child support received (All receipts)
[__] Scholarships, bursaries (T4A)
[__] Universal Child Care Benefit (RC62)
Employment Related Expenses
[__] General – required by employer to pay (T2200), Certain expense
[__] Travel Auto (Expenses and mileage)
[__] Moving expenses (Receipts)
[__] Union or Association Dues (Tax receipts)
[__] Investment Expenses
[__] Safety deposit box use (Receipt)
[__] Accounting fees to record income (Receipt or invoice)
All other Deductions and Credits
[__] Alimony or separation allowance paid (Receipts)
[__] Tuition fees over $100 paid (post- secondary) (T2202 or T2202A)
[__] Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Tax receipt)
[__] Stocks/bonds rolled over into RRSP (Tax receipt)
[__] Donations to registered charities (Tax receipt)
[__] Unused prior year donations (Details)
[__] Amounts paid for child care (Receipts)
[__] Medical expenses for any 12 month
       Period ended in tax year
[__] Political contributions paid (Tax receipts)
[__] Self or dependent attend University (T2202 or T2202A)
[__] Disability credit (T2201 first year)
[__] Incurred disability support costs (T929)
[__] Public transit passes (Receipt or pass)
[__] Children’s fitness credits
       (non-fitness activities such as chess, music)
[__] Adoption expenses (Details)
First Time Home Buyers “HBTC”
[__] Purchased first home during the year (Sale agreement)
Tax Free Savings Account
 [__] Made a contribution to a TFSA (Contribution slips)